Traduction du français vers l’anglais du dossier de presse du Carreau du Temple pour sa réouverture


Le Carreau du Temple, emblematic spot of le Haut Marais located in the heart of Paris, is being launched by the City of Paris and the town hall of the 3rd arrondissement. Situated between the brand new place de la République and the Centre Pompidou, this once old covered market is being turned into a huge and trendy place. Jean-François Milou, studioMilou architecture, has been in charge of its restoration.

The rehabilitation of the 6 500 m2 launched in 2002 by the Mayor of the 3rdarrondissement, has been the fruit of a participatory democracy process: the project meets the wishes of the 3rd arrondissement residents, who wanted a place dedicated to leisure, culture and events.

Jean-Luc Baillet, who lead great projects in circus performance and international cultural cooperation is now in charge of Le Carreau du Temple as director. The new Carreau du Temple offers an innovative range of activities and provides a multidisciplinary identity around 3 orientations: sport, art & culture and events.

Since the twelfth century, Le Carreau du Temple has witnessed multiple mutations from Templars to drapers. Today, the historical monument is about to welcome le “Corps sous toutes ses coutures”*. The programme consists of « home » projects, activities in partnership with Parisian and national institutional structures and of artistic residencies. It conciliates all faces of the body: body of artists and athletes, moving body of dancers and actors, inanimate figures and fashion models…

Sport courses and training session are open to school, local & associative partners and individuals.

They include all kinds of sports and physical practices:
In the Dojo: judo, karate, pankration, aikido, tai chi, capoeira, Chi qong, Swedish fit…
In the dance studio: hip-hop, street dance, capoeira, parkour, voguing…
In the Gymnasium: volleyball, basketball, badminton, handball, Futsall…
The Carreau du Temple also offers its own courses and workshops of contemporary and emerging practices: acrobatics, circus arts…


Le Carreau du Temple is interested in « emerging » artists: theater, dance, circus arts, object theater, puppetry, contemporary music, fashion and design…
Throughout the year, various appointments are offered to the public in every part of Le Carreau du Temple. The programme is articulated in three main sections:

  • Artist residencies conducted as reflexion and work in progress for the artists and meetings with public.
  • A regular and multidisciplinary programme presenting all faces of the body. Le Carreau du Temple involves selected partnerships (Théâtre de la Ville, Théâtre du Rond-Point and others to come…) to offer the public a wide range of contemporary theatrical forms.
  • Thematic weekends, on the image of body in contemporary societies (Le corps sous toutes ses coutures, opening weekend end, April 2014). Other projects are being considered: Dieux du Stade, street food, aerial circus arts…

“The Body embodied”



A challenge: create an exclusive and complimentary relationship between the commercial or private sphere and the requiring creative world. Fashion is rooted in the history of the project. Le Carreau du Temple becomes a new residence for fashion shows, pop up stores, being consistent with the commercial history since it was transformed in the nineteenth.

This “reinvented covered market” will display art shows, fairs (objects, books, photos, design…), events related to environment and urban ecology, new technologies, fooding and world cuisine.

Le Carreau du Temple is a venue where creation, distribution and transmission are at stake. The level of mixed economy of both private and public sectors is exclusive in that sector, in Paris.



StudioMilou Architecture chose to valorise the refined metallic structure of « La Halle », along with its monochrome and warm oak wood background. Summer or winter, light is used to embellish the interior.

On the ground floor:

  • The halles of Le Carreau du Temple, 1800 m2, 8 meters under a stylish canopy, provide light and transparency in an adaptable place where 3 000 standing people can fit
  • The auditorium, 250 seats, exceptional sound quality with a separate entrance
  • A sound studio
  • A bar with outdoor terrace

In the basement:

Soundproof rooms, partly lit by the light coming from the halles:

  • The Dojo, large studio primarily dedicated to martial arts, relaxation and well-being (335m2)
  • The dance studio, mainly dedicated to choreographic practices and urban cultures (335 m2)
  • The Gymnasium for multisport purpose (415 m2)
  • A lounge area (235 m2)
  • A meeting room (60 m2)
  • Cloakrooms and dressing rooms

Upstairs: offices and concept store.


“Le Corps sous toutes ses coutures”, arts programming mixing sport, dance, theater, fashion, puppetry, circus, and music… 
In March, the Carreau du Temple will receive its first private events:

26 – 30 March 2014: “Drawing Now”

3 – 6 April 2014: “1.618 Sustainable Luxury”
9 – 10 April 2014: “Made in France”


  • Communication:
    Aurélie HUGNET
    Temporary address: Mairie du 3ème – SPL Carreau du Temple
    2 rue Eugène Spuller, Paris 3
    Call +33 1 83 81 93 58
  • Press: 2e Bureau
    Caroline Comte, Martial Hobeniche
    18 rue Portefoin, Paris 3
    Call +33 1 42 33 93 18
  • Carreau du Temple
    4 rue Eugène Spuller, Paris 3
    Metro Temple, République or Arts et Métier

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