Conception rédaction d’un papier en anglais sur les bijoux pour Vuitton, une escale à Paris.


Vuitton l’Âme du voyage, une escale à Paris

Each piece tells a story. Then, there is a little thread, which is this stroll through Paris. We go down les Champs-Élysées, reach Place de la Concorde with these jewels that recall the fountains of this place I love. Then, we arrive in the French gardens with this beautiful design.

Then we go back in this walk through Paris and land Place Vendome, which is the culmination of this whole reflection.

Vuitton’s French Fashion House has its story, a past with very strong codes. Meanwhile, there is a great freedom working with contemporary designers, shoving these codes. There is this balance between tradition and modernity.

For instance, we also find that in the fact that we wanted to make this necklace, Champs-Élysées, very very very long, but that can be shortened. It was also found in the idea of a city viewed from above, which has both a classic and a modern side.

The jeweler is a light sculptor because the way he uses gems makes the light come and go. Somehow, you paint with light and our greatest privilege is to do it on space rather than on a canvas.

To me, jewelry can only exist when it’s worn. The eye is always attracted to jewelry and the sensuality of the body wearing it. When you wear a necklace like this one, the eye goes directly from the necklace to the neck. The challenge is to attract the eye and beautify the part ot body where the necklace is worn. As jeweler, our role is to help women to see themselves differently, to get transformed into princesses. That’s a magic moment.

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