Conception rédaction newsletter US Vuitton Larissa Latynina

Ma mission ? À partir d’un enregistrement et d’une vidéo, écrire la beauté et le talent d’une femme.

For over 150 years, the Art of Travel has been at the core of Louis Vuitton’s world. Travel is made of emotional experiences and discoveries, opening one   up to others and helping understand oneself. This is maybe the reason why the most captivating characters are also great travellers.

Larissa Latynina and Michael Phelps both share an extraordinary experience. Larissa Latynina made History becoming the most decorated gymnast in the world just as Michael Phelps has becomea sport legend .

Larissa Latynina has cultivated an incredible career since childhood. Born in Ukraine in 1934, she was the first woman with nine Olympic title  by the time she turned 30 . Based on her experience as a ballet dancer, she was able to enhance her sport with choreography, bringing a new dimension to the discipline. She achieved another level of success when inducted into the Gymnastics Hall of Frame in 1998.
The journey, according to Louis Vuitton is perfectly symbolized by these two similar destinies, yet separated by more than 40 years. It’s a unique experience that goes beyond boundaries, leading to exceptional discoveries and to a greater knowledge of our outer and inner world.


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